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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

We are Launching Our First Gardening Coast2Coast Video with a Seed Giveaway!

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We are Launching Our First Gardening Coast2Coast Video with a Seed Giveaway! 

Kim and I thank you all for being part of #Gardeningcoast2coast. Our first video is all about peas. Check out how our zones differ greatly! You will learn about planting, tending and harvesting.

Come to our FB Group Gardening Coast2Coast to enter the giveaway. Just follow the pinned post instructions. Thanks!

We are giving away 20 random packs of seeds from my collection and Kim is adding in her gardening ebook and garden coloring book. The latter being a great way to introduce kids to the world of gardening. The rules are below.

This group is all about your gardening zone and we wanted to design something where you could easily find out what is going on in your zone. Just search the posts by zone #hashtag as described in the pinned group introduction and it will let you see what other gardeners are doing in your area.

The contest is simple. Share this group to you page and add your gardening friends as members.

Write in the comments below that you shared and you will get an entry into the prize package

drawling. You will also get an additional entry for each member you refer to the group! I can see who refers members. I will draw the winner Sunday April 2nd around 7 PM Eastern.

Thanks for Your Help & Good Luck with Your Gardens

Kim and Gary

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