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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Identifying Slug and Snail Damage: Using Iron Phosphate to Effectively Kill and Manage Snails and Slugs

Identifying Slug and Snail Damage: 
Using Iron Phosphate to Effectively Kill and Manage Snails and Slugs

Slugs and snails are common in most gardens. They love leafy greens. They come out with the warming spring rains. I found the best way to manage them is with Iron Phosphate baited pellets. It can be used in organic gardens.

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I had such a problem that anything green would be destroyed.I had small snails that would chew 100's of holes in plants like Chinese Cabbage and Bok Choy. The larger slugs would make large holes in my Kohlrabi and Cabbages. The cabbage heads would form and I would find many many small snails in them.

Iron Phosphate is so effective, I forget I have a problem. As long as I use it regularly, I notice little, if any damage. I use it about every 2 weeks and I don't over sprinkle/concentrate it around the garden. A nice light broadcasting of the pellets is all you need.

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Gary (The Rusted Garden)

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