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Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Indoor Over-Seeding Method for Planting Herbs (Oregano, Thyme Chives): Examples of Planting, Growth, Division and Transplanting

The Indoor Over-Seeding Method for Planting Herbs 
(Oregano, Thyme and Chives): 
Examples of Planting, Growth, Division and Transplanting

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Many perennial herbs are quite hardy. They don't need to be started indoors one single seed at a time. I follow Nature's practice of pods popping open and dropping thousands of herb seeds onto a small space. Oregano and Thyme have tiny seeds. I put 30 plus seeds easily into a single starting cell. I over seed them. You can do the same with Chives at about 15 seeds per cell, even with them having large seeds. As you get to even larger seed sizes like Parsley or Sage, you can over-seed at 8-10 seeds per cell.




They are hardy strong plants and can take having their roots torn and handled when you split them and transplant them into transplant cups. Once they grow in the transplant cups, you can divide them again when they are put into the ground or outdoor containers. One over-seeded starting cell will get you four herb transplant plugs in the end.

Transplanting to Cups:

I start my herbs indoors 10-12 weeks before the would go outside. I live in Maryland Zone 7 and look to plant in March. The above herbs can take light frost and don't mind the cold. You can do this with most perennial herbs.

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