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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Compost, Organic Fertilizer and Human Made Chemical/Processed Fertilizers

Compost, Organic Fertilizer and Human Made Chemical/Processed Fertilizers

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I will be doing quite a few videos on fertilizers with the goal to educate.

The truth is plants don’t care what you give them; compost, organic fertilizers or chemical/processed fertilizers. The NPK and all the rest are elements no matter what form they arrive in to the vegetable plants. Plants could care less. There is no harm to humans via consumption related to fertilizer. End of story. Unless you ...unwisely choose to eat the fertilizer directly.

Soil might be impacted more by over, over, over (did I say over) use of chemical/processed fertilizers. Organic fertilizers need to be broken down by soil life to release their NPK. That is good for soil life. P/C fertilizers are made into a form that is readily available to a plant. They don't need soil life. High use of P/C could harm soil life. That won't happen if you don't abuse them. I recommend using them by ½ of what the packaged instructions say.

If you have it, good old compost will save you money, feed your plants, fix the soil, retain moisture and you won’t need any fertilizers organic or P/C but for emergencies.

You will need to use fertilizer regularly in container gardens. Typically, I make, and people use mixes that have very little soil life in them. The goal is a good growing medium with water retention. Therefore, you often have to add water soluble fertilizers. You can choose what you like.

My goal is to help people have a great garden and a good life experience with their garden. I am not 100% organic. I use compost, organic fertilizer and C/P fertilizers. I will always do that. For insect and disease sprays, I am 90% organic because I will consume the product. That is, to be honest what I think of as organic, the sprays I ingest. I use chemical dust when needed in a very specific and targeted way. My old videos show more use of poisons, sorry about that. I changed over time as I learned.

Good Luck with Your Garden,
Gary (The Rusted Garden)

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