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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pruning Pepper Transplants: Greater Yields, Stockier Plant, More Side-Shoots & No Flowers

Pruning Pepper Transplants: 
Greater Yields, Stockier Plant, More Side-Shoots & No Flowers 

Removing the main growing tip of your pepper plants will produce stronger stockier plants and increase the yield of each plant. You end up with a lot more side shoot growth which means more flowers and peppers. You don't want your transplants flowering indoors. Prune them. Let them work on stem strength and side shoot production while inside.

Typically, peppers are started 8-10 weeks indoors before they go outside into the garden. You can start them a lot sooner and prune them. You will have stronger plants that will bring you greater yields. When you start them earlier as I did, about 16 weeks before they will go outside, you need to prune them and remove the flowers.

Good Luck with Your Garden,
Gary (The Rusted Garden)

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