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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Understanding the Six Macro-Nutrient Garden Fertilizers: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) & Sulfur (S)

Understanding the Six Macro-Nutrient Garden Fertilizers: 
Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K), 
Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) & Sulfur (S)

Vegetable garden fertilizers are generally classed as either macro-nutrients or micro-nutrients. There are six major macro-nutrients although we tend to think there are only 3: Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. There are also Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur. They are not needed as much as N-P-K in the way of quantity but they have to be present in the soil for your vegetable plants to thrive.

6 Videos on 6 Macro-Nutrient Garden Fertilizers
I did a six video series on the major macro-nutrients to explain to you what they are, what they do, how they work, how you can add them to your soil and give you recommendations on how to best use them or manage them. My goal is to provide you with information and principles that you can adapt to your own garden needs. Gardens vary greatly around the world. There is no exact recipe for the perfect fertilized garden soil.

Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) are what we most often see on fertilizer packaging. They sometimes can be needed in larger quantity and can be lacking in heavily used soils. Remember compost and organic matter are the keys to keeping your garden healthy. I provide a lot information about N-P-K but also make recommendations and one of them is... that you don't over use them! Use less!

There are 3 more macro-nutrients. Although they are needed in less quantity, they are essential for your vegetable plants to fully thrive. There are a lot of easy ways to add these fertilizers to your garden. Epsom Salts which is magnesium sulfate will add  both Magnesium (Mg) and Sulfur (S) to your garden. I explain what Ca-Mg-S do and how much of each you might really need in your vegetable gardens.

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