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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tomato Seed Sale for 2014-2105 Has Started

I just activated the sales for tomato seeds. I will be updating the page over the next 3 weeks. I will be adding in 40 varieties of tomatoes with pictures and videos so you can see what they look like. Not all seeds get this treatment as I couldn't shoot video for them all. All 40 varieties were grown this year in The Rusted Garden. I hand collect them all!

As of 9/10/14 I only have a 10 pack bulk seed package up for sale. But as I said I will be adding all my seeds and more package deals over the next 3 weeks. Please check back regularly and spread the word. Thank you for watching my videos and being so kind!

The Rusted Garden Tomato Seed Sale


Bulk Purchased Tomato Seeds
40 Varieties of Hand Collected Tomato Seeds
from The Rusted Garden Beds

Click Link to View and Order: Tomato Seed Sale

I will be adding to it over the next 2 weeks
All 40 Single Pack Varietes are Now Active

*If you made a donation for tomato seeds in the last 6 weeks... the seeds will be going out this week. I have finished packaging them. Thank You!

Package One (Bulk Seeds):
Source: NE Seeds - All Non-GMO
Limited Quantity
Heirloom Tomato Seed Bulk Purchased Seed Package
10 different tomato varieties for $14 Shipped
(Medium to Large Sized Tomatoes)

These seeds come from seeds I purchased in bulk. I selected bulk tomato seeds that will give you a great variety of medium to large sized tomatoes in all shapes and colors. Most of them are heirloom varieties. They not only vary in size, shape, color and taste... but also in when the fruits mature and how large the plants get. This a great way to have a variety of tomatoes in your garden.

You will get 35-50 seeds per pack. Store them in a cool dry place and they will last for years.

Here are the 10 varieties of bulk purchased tomato seeds (10 packs)
for $14.00 (shipping is included in the $14.00 price):

Indeterminate (12 oz.) Extra large, meaty and ribbed deep-scarlet fruit. 90 days.

Black Krim
Indeterminate (12 oz.) Brownish-purple to maroon colored fruit with green shoulders. An heirloom for the Isle of Krim. Sweet, mild and rich in flavor. 80 days

Semi-Determinate (10 oz.) Semi-determinate short stake type. Features pink fruit with green shoulders. Great for southern growers. 80 days.

Brandywine Red
Indeterminate (12 oz.) Heirloom dating back to the 1870’s. Named after Brandywine Creek in Chester County, PA. Red fruits. 80-100 days.

Cherokee Purple
Indeterminate (6-12 oz.) Slicer type heirloom. Dusky pink-purple with darker shoulders. Mild flavor. 80 days.

Costoluto Genovese
Indeterminate (7 oz.) Once you’ve tried Costoluto you’ll never try anything else! This Italian heirloom is truly all-purpose. It makes intensely flavored slices with a scalloped shape. People also swear by it as the best flavored roasted, sauced or juiced variety. Good for home gardeners, market growers and chefs. 80 days.

German Johnson
Indeterminate (12-24 oz.) Old time favorite heirloom. Extra-large, rough fruit, pink with yellow shoulders. Mild, low acid and very meaty. 80 days.

Mountain Gold
Determinate. (8-12 oz.) Yellow-fruited, superior in disease resistance. Released in 1991, developed by Dr. Randy Gardner at the North Carolina State Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station. This is not a hybrid. 80 days.

Paul Robeson
Indeterminate (7-10 oz. fruit) Another outstanding heirloom black tomato with unbelievably rich flavor. This is an old Russian variety that was renamed in honor of a great civil rights activist. It will be your best producer early in the season and during cool summers. 80 days.

Pink Oxheart
Indeterminate (1 lb.) Firm, meaty, pink fruits with thick walls, very mild flavor. Large, heart-shaped fruits on indeterminate vines. 90 days.

Click Link to View and Order: Tomato Seed Sale

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