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Friday, May 30, 2014

Creating a Tomato Disease Splash Barrier: Stop the Soil Born Spores!

Creating a Tomato Disease Splash Barrier: Stop the Soil Born Spores!

Many areas have their own diseases that tend to attack tomato plants. It might be Leaf Spot or a form of Blight but whatever the disease, they tend to come with regularity.

The best way to manage diseases is through prevention. Prevention is a practice of reducing the elements that may lead to the diseases taking hold on your vegetable plants in the garden.

One form of prevention for tomatoes is creating a disease splash barrier. Simply put hard rain or hose water can splash garden soil onto your tomato plants. Mixed with the mud are disease spores. If the spores can't land on your tomato... they can't establish themselves on the plant. You are reducing the chances of disease on your tomato by preventing soil splash.

You can use any viable material to create about a 2 inch layer of mulch in your garden beds. The video talks about a few types of materials you can use and how to basically mulch under around your tomatoes.

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