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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Save Your Vegetable Seeds From Grocery Stores!

One thing you can start doing in December is saving your vegetable seeds from the grocery. You won't want to save them all but you might find some gourmet peppers or similar.

I got a bag of extraordinarily sweet small peppers from Costco. Now they could be hybrids which means the seed won't reflect the fruit. But it is worth the risk. I can't find the name of the peppers either. I figured - let me save 20 or 30 seeds and see if I can get a plant to grow.

If you shop at stores with "exotic" or "gourmet" vegetables you might find a hardy heirloom squash. If you save seeds this way, you have the advantage of tasting the final product before you grow them. That's a smart way to grow a garden.

Enjoy the off season.

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