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Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Plantings, Prevention and Garden Tending

It's July. I have been spraying my tomatoes, squashes and cucumbers with a preventative wettable sulphur spray. I believe it prevents and slows some leafs spots, blights and mildews.

This is disease time in Maryland. Humid and hot July and August weather. If you aren't mulching and pruning your tomatoes, you might want to reconsider or get started.

Mulching under a tomato plant will prevent soil born diseases from splashing up on the plant. Pruning the tomato plant lets air circulate around them. Taking the bottom 12 inches of the leaves off the stem is a good idea. Dry leaves are good. Taking out a few upper branches won't hurt the plant and it helps the plants to dry more quickly.

Prevention is key to diseases now. I also lightly dust my plants with Sevn. Flea beetles aren't easily controlled and they dessimate my egg plants.

I suggest putting in more herb seeds such as basil and cilantro. Beets can go in too for a Fall harvest. Beans of every sort are absolutely waiting to be put in the ground.

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