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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays: Thanks, Good Luck and Just Enjoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays: Thanks, Good Luck and Just Enjoy!

I started gardening when I was in elementary school. My grandfather taught me. He has passed but I still remember him through what he taught me and when I walk the garden. Life is like that. Those that care for us and teach us and those we encounter, shape our life. They not only  influence the quality of our life but they become part of our memories. While time and death do take, our memories hold those that pass. And for an instance they are alive.

I started The Rusted Garden Blog about 5 or 6 years ago. I love gardening and enjoy computers... so I combined them. A couple years later, I shot 5 or 6 YouTube videos for an experiment.

I shot my first YouTube video called: Tending Zucchini and Squash and Finding Squash Bug Eggs: The Rusted Garden 2011. I am laughing as I write this, again. Who was that guy? Who says, "I've been away on vacation for 5 days - It's time to tend the garden." I don't say that. Why did I say that? My neighbors still needle me about it. What I learned  and decided was that I was not going to stop something I enjoyed because I felt awkward and thought I sounded funny.  I new I was just  talking to other gardeners that like to learn and share information. That is how I developed my theme for videos. Short videos, packed with information so you can learn and get back to gardening. And I've learned a lot to that I taken back to my garden.

 My second video was How to Grow Large Tomatoes in Containers: The Rusted Garden 2011. It was a lot of fun and about 1 year later I noticed people where watching it and I noticed it earned like $10 for the year.  I thought, "$10, well if I shoot 50 videos that might be $500 a year for gardening supplies!" Well things don't quite work like that but I do this to relax and have fun. So come 2012 I started shooting a lot of videos and my YouTube Channel: The Rusted Garden was born so to speak. Almost 300 videos!

During the winter of 2012, I noticed Google added G+ Communities and I promptly became intrigued and started several G+ Gardening communities. All of a sudden, yes seriously, a globe full of gardeners became available to talk with and see what they were doing on their world garden plot. And you know what? We are pretty much the same across the world, too bad politicians can't see that. But that is another soap box. Add in Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter... and I am having a great time. I  really think it is cool, a good word choice, that we can actually talk globally about gardening.

I wanted to share a little bit about how The Rusted Garden grew up and I wanted to thank everyone that I have encountered. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. The Rusted Garden Blog reached 500,000 page views (not inlcuding mine (lol)) yesterday. The Rusted Garden YouTube channel had it's 1,500,000th view yesterday also, coincidentally. My goal for 2014 is to get a bunch more people involved in gardening. I also decided to show my face in videos for the next season.

Again, I thank you all for visiting my blog and channel. I wish you luck in life and of course in the garden. But most of all take the time to enjoy who you are and what you do. In the many things we take for granted in life, we take ourselves, our skills and our influence for granted. Be proud of who your are and what you do in both life and the garden. If you can, please teach a child about seeds, the garden and where their food comes from. Radishes don't grow on trees and tomatoes don't come from grocery stores!

Thanks Again & Merry Christmas


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