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Monday, January 2, 2012

For Sale: 2012 Armenian Cucumbers

Armenian Cucumber Seeds (Packed for 2012)
An Outstanding Prolific Cucumber
Best Picked at 8-12 inches but will Grow Larger
Plant 1/2 Deep and 8 Inches Apart
Get 35+ Seeds Packed for 2012 for $2.25

Shipping Calculated at Check-Out
International Rates Apply

This cucumber is outstanding and produces nicely. It takes about 65 days to produce. The skin can be eaten when young. It has a light green creamy white skin that has scalloped groves growing through the its length. I grew this on a trellis and they were my favorite and best producer. The taste is like a standard sweet cucumber. Outstanding in tomato salads in both taste and presentation.

Armenian Cucumber Seeds for Sale 2012: Gary Pilarchik

I test germinated these seeds and the germinated at an 80% rate for 2012.

Germinated Armenian Cucumber Seeds: 2012

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